Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I have a few little comments today, and then a bunch of links to store as reminders for myself later.

Taxes, Shmaxes
Praise the Lord for online paperless filing. I've filed online for the last few years, but I still had to send in a signature page. In typical fashion, I waited forever to start worrying about them, so then I started to get paranoid about my signature page getting lost in the mail or something like that. But everything got wrapped up over the weekend. I should get my refund in a couple weeks. Woot. And NO ESTIMATED PAYMENTS this year... yay... since my income dropped by, oh, about $30K... boo.

...but I still love technology...

Are You Laughing at ME?
Almost every morning we stop at this little grocery store up the street and get a muffin and juice. Today I went by myself and picked up muffins and juice for both of us. I'm pretty sure the girl who helped me, who is often there in the mornings, was making fun of me today.

Me: [Shifting the stuff in my hands so I could carry the muffins and both bottles of juice.]
Her: Would you like a bag for that?
Me: No, I think I can manage.
Her: [softly] "Manage". [giggles]

What. EVER. :)

In Other News...
The Australian version of GMA Week is coming up, and some Nashvillians are coming down. Local numbers were exchanged today with the hopes of getting together during the time that they're here, even if we don't make it out to the show. I'm aching to see a familiar face, so it could be real therapy for me. (Or it could push me off the edge the other way... we'll see.)

Links for My Reference, but You Might Care Too
So I was looking up the concept of using a wiki for genealogy purposes and found a bunch of places to keep tabs on, but nothing so far that really is what I'm looking for. Basically I want something super easy, which probably isn't going to happen, so it may take a little more thought. I know there are programs built for this kind of thing, but let me have my fun here, please.

There are a few out there that are kind of along the lines that I'm thinking, but their goal is to connect everyone. And I'm not certain about the accuracy of all of the information that I've found, so I would hate to think I'm leading others astray with my lack of personal investigation. - wants to be a worldwide family tree - same idea - again

My solution may be the Wiki-on-a-Stick method.

Retrospect 2 - Open source web-genealogy
Try a Wiki - from (another link to note)

In other wiki departments: Strategy Wiki for game strategies. *cough.geek.cough* I know.


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