Tuesday, November 22, 2005

One Size Fits How Many??
For the last couple weeks I have been baffled by a billboard in the train station for New Woman magazine. The big attraction for their December issue is that it comes with a free bikini. You don't tear out a postcard and mark your size and color preference to have them send you one... oh no, it comes WITH the magazine, because... it's ADJUSTABLE. And therefore, one size fits ALL.

I'm not particularly offended by this, because (1) I'm not fooling myself and have never owned a bikini in my life, and (2) my time spent in a one-piece bathing suit is averaging out to be under five minutes per year at the current rate. However, I think that the phrase "one size fits all" is a little misleading. The least they could have done is put "one size fits anyone who has any business wearing a bikini" or something like that.

Their website shows off real women wearing the miraculous bikini. Oh wait, they're a women's volleyball team. Yeah, guess it would fit them. And then they say they want pics of readers to send in their photos in their new bikinis. Heh. I'm so tempted to buy the magazine now. I wonder if they'll publish the less-than-flattering ones.

Colour Me Badd
I'm such a sucker for turquoise these days. What is my deal? I'm such a follower. (Which isn't true... half my stuff I had before it became the IT color again.)

Love to Hate Him
I don't think I mentioned that I actually watched War of the Worlds the other night. I know, I know... leave me alone. It was just on. It was against my will. I contributed no money towards the viewing of the movie, and it would have played in the lounge whether I was there witnessing it or not.

I think the best part about the movie was that Tom's character was such an ass that I didn't have to feel bad about hating severely disliking him.

We had some issues with the film. Many similar to the ones that Barry pointed out ages ago, especially the EMP thing. My biggest beef was that apparently undergarments vaporize along with the humans, because one never saw panties or boxers floating through the air... just slacks and shirts.

I can't remember who wrote it now, but I remember someone having great issue with the disturbing image of a train barreling through an intersection without blowing its horn. Having grown up two blocks away from the Burlington Northern line, I could relate. The train always toots its horn. Always. But I'm here to tell you that this is not always the case. I ride the train every morning here, and nine times out of ten, the driver does not honk (honk?) when going through an intersection. But this is Australia. I'm not quite sure why they do half the things they do.

Lost in Translation
muesli (mew-slee)
n. granola
"I grabbed a muesli bar for breakfast."



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