Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm not very blirty, apparently.Check out my blirtatiousness!
Your responses indicate that you're low in blirtatiousness. Low scorers don't usually say the first thing that comes to mind; rather, they tend to hesitate and deliberate before responding to others. One reason you feel compelled to be careful in responding to others is because you are worried about being evaluated negatively. Often people low in blirtatiousness are shy and introverted and tend to dwell on thoughts internally instead of discussing them with others. Because low-blirters sometimes have difficulty saying how they feel, they may sometimes fail to get their needs met in relationships.
First Annual Myspace Stupid Haircut Awards

So I'm fascinated with this new Warner label imprint called Cordless Records: all online music sales with artists releasing three tracks at a time. Having perused a Recording Agreement or two hundred in my time, the whole concept seems almost too good to be true. Artists retaining copyrights and masters? Publishing deals with Warner Chappell? Where's the clause about selling your soul? Could this be true? Granted you don't get any physical product out there, but I don't think bulk of money coming to the artist comes from cd sales unless they recoup early on.

There's been a lot of talk lately about the pros and cons of the net label and having a widespread net audience versus a highly concentrated local following. With Hans doing music again in a somewhat unconventional way (in comparison to his last), these are issues we think about. And for my future reference, here's an article on problems with having a primarily online audience.

I remembered this morning that Thanksgiving is next week. *sigh* I think we might have some people over after work for chicken from the deli and pecan pie, if I have time to make the pie.

I just discovered (along with everyone at the office) that Australia DOES have Thanksgiving. We all just missed it this year. (It apparently started in 2004, so the word obviously hasn't spread too far yet.) Maybe by June 3rd, I'll have the confidence to make a turkey and the rest of the traditional dinner.

I cannot begin to express the level of depression I'm going further into each time I think about missing Christmas/birthday with my family. Compounded by the idea of missing it next year, as our trip-to-America-to-wed probably won't be anywhere around that time. Though after talking to immigration this week, that trip-to-America-to-wed thing isn't something I'm looking forward to anyway.

[SIDE NOTE: Manda, if you comment on this paragraph BEFORE you respond (at length) to my email from a week and a half ago, I'm disowning you as the mother of my goddaughter.]


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