Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Yesterday I struck through the "Believes gambling is an acceptable entertainment option" criteria, and then today I found myself betting on the Melbourne Cup. Why? I don't know. I'm not necessarily a horse-racing fan by any stretch of the imagination. I've never paid attention to the Kentucky Derby. I barely noticed the Steeplechase, and I lived in Nashville for four years. But this Melbourne Cup is a big deal around here... people take the whole day off work for a race that lasted all of about two minutes.

So there were 24 horses and six of us at the office. One dollar a horse. Each person with four. Payouts were $12 for first place, $6 for second, and $3 for third and last places. I drew Xcellent who came in third, so I'm only out a dollar. We haven't heard the official results of who was last, so I'm hoping it is Leica Falcon (who I know it wasn't), Greys Inn or Rizon.

Oh and that was the other thing. There isn't a television here that really works. So up until mere seconds before the race started, I was outside hanging off the balcony with BRyan trying to get the antenna to pick up something, anything. The audio came in, but the picture was more fuzz than image. So for a brief moment we were sitting there sipping champagne and eating cheese and crackers, and the next moment we were back to work.

The Truth of the Matter
If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a special young girl in your life, might I recommend Girl Truths which is finally available for purchase. I got a sneak peak at it quite a while back, and it is perfect for those pre-teens who are so impressionable and awkward. Each page was filled with little reminders that only those of us with hindsight can see the true importance. Truths about being a woman of your word, finding your value as an individual, not letting the words of boys affect your self-esteem, etc. It is beautiful, and I cannot wait to get a copy!

Serenity Redux
We're going to see it again tonight and sharing the joy with three newbies. Yay! I think it leaves the theatres this week, so we had to get it in one last time.

Demystifying Down Under
Earlier Steve wrote:
"[Danielle] never said it, but I bet all she does in her off-time is flush the toilet and watch it go round and round and round... all in an opposite fashion."

While I am sure that the water here does drain in the opposite direction, I haven't really noticed it, because the water in the toilets doesn't really swirl at all. They way their toilets are constructed, most likely to conserve their precious water supply, they really just suck what little bit is in there straight back. Hard to explain, but no, there isn't much in the way of flush-watching to be done here.

Lost in Translation
bangers and mash (bang'-ers and mash)
n. sausages and mashed potatoes
"We're having bangers and mash for tea."



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