Thursday, September 15, 2005

... my Regrowth: Katrina shirt came before I left. Yay!

... so did my jimi.

... I now own yet ANOTHER Samsonite suitcase. Only this one is considerably less vintage. Sometimes you gotta sacrifice style for function. (But thanks for the tips, Allison! LOVE!) I really wanted a Roncato, but you can't get them here... and last night their website crashed my computer, so no link for you.

... I CANNOT believe Leslie's pictures of Venus Williams are on Pink is the New Blog. Well, maybe I can.

... I'm having daily mental/emotional breakdowns. It's always a combination of extreme sadness mixed with extreme excitement topped off by extreme guilt for being excited, and the cycle continues ad nauseam.

... But I got a friend request from Jacob Golden on myspace, which makes me happy. He makes pretty music.


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