Friday, September 30, 2005

They Say Money Can't Buy Happiness... But They Are So Wrong

Yesterday we went into the city, and Hans bought me some Dr. Pepper at the import store. A mere $2.00 a can... ack. We got 6, and I will be rationing them. (They also had Koolaid there for $2.50 per single tiny package. I am considering becoming a dealer with that kind of profit margin.)

We also found Mexican Train dominoes at a game shop. I really wanted to take a set along, because I had so much fun playing with my relatives in Minnesota -- but the things are darn heavy. Again, this set seemed ridiculously expensive at $60AU, which is something like $45 American... but to have a $13 set sent over from the States would probably end up costing about that much.

Then we had a nice stroll around the Roma Street Parklands, which was beautiful and exotic with hints of home.

Today I feel crappy again. This is one rollercoaster that I am not enjoying. Maybe I just need a Dr. Pepper.


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