Saturday, September 24, 2005

My Own Prison
(This will be the last Creed reference on this site EVER.) Yeah, today I was a little stir-crazy. I was online this afternoon and spoke to my mom briefly on IM before she went to bed, and I think that set me in a downward spiral for the day. I'm so conflicted. I'm excited to be here, and yet part of me yearns for something to feel normal. Even the birds sound different. And the only thing I wanted to eat was spaghetti bolagnese from Mama Carolla's. So I spent most of the day moping around -- good plan, eh?

But tonight we had fish'n'chips and watched the Muriel's Wedding DVD that Hans gave me as part of my Intro to Australian Culture Gift Pack. It was pretty good, and it had lots of Abba music... how can you beat that?

Last night we didn't end up going to see the jazz band. I was too tired. But we had a lovely dinner, and my surprise was that Someone got me the most beautiful bouquet... orange gerberas with these exotic green things all around it. Gorgeous. He needs to be careful or I'm going to turn spoiled real soon. I've taken photos, but I haven't checked on that card-reader issue yet.

Lost in Translation
sultana (sull-tahn'-a)
n. a raisin, may or may not be from light-colored grapes -- haven't figured that out yet
"We'll pick up some Sultana Bran at the shops."

All I Want for Christmas
Okay, so I know I love my fantabulous Pampered Chef pizza cutter, but this combination fork/pizza-cutter could potentially win me over.


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