Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Conversation
While not taking our eyes off the screen watching Jack kick terrorist butt on the 24 marathon that was taped this weekend...
Me: You know, if I were ever to get a gun, I think a silencer would be the first accessory I would purchase for it.
My Brother: Yeah, me too.

On that note, I know Bill always said it, but William Devane was quite brilliant last season. ***SPOILER*** Particularly in the episode where Jack busts him out of where he and Audrey were being held, and more particularly when someone tells him and Jack to drop their weapons and how he does so. We even rewound that part. ***END SPOILER***

The Dilemma
I want to link to The Funniest Post EVER, but I don't know if the author would be embarrassed by a bunch of strangers coming over to read it. This person reads this site. And this person ought to know that, yes, I am so talking about THAT POST. Oh my gosh. Just let me know if I can, because it's almost too unbelievable to not let everyone see.

Could Something So Amazing Be a Tax Write-Off?
Hans asked if we could go to the Australian Effects & Animation Festival. I think he should go regardless, because it is so HIM. (Plus I'm sure he could write it off as a business trip.) But I admit that I'm curious as well. If nothing else, getting a day pass for the first day would be great. Weta & King Kong, Harry Potter, Pixar, AND NickToons? I'm sure it would be able to capture my attention.


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