Friday, September 23, 2005

Another Day, Another (Australian) Dollar
Well, Hans switched all my cash over at the bank yesterday. I started with $165 American and ended with $201 Australian. Made me feel richer, even though it doesn't really work that way. Their money is like strange plastic Monopoly money. Their notes (trans. "bills") really do have some sort of plastic coating and can go through the wash with no problem. And if you look at this site, those shapes where it is black on the bills are actually transparent. Weird. They also don't have one-dollar bills, but rather one- and two-dollar coins. I find this rather unfortunate, as I am one who HATES carrying change around.

Let's Go to the Movies; Let's Go See the Stars
The movie thing last night ended up being quite fun. They showed five or six shortfilms and gave the directors or producers a chance to introduce them. A few of them were really not fun to watch, but the one that Hans worked on was really great and really funny -- and the rest of the crowd sounded like they enjoyed it, so it wasn't just my biased opinion.

Met some more of his friends, and they were all really great. One guy told me to keep track of how long it takes me to get sick of being asked whether I'm American or Canadian. Ack! I never considered that I might be accused of being Canadian. (No offense to those of you who love Canadians.)

Lost in Translation
arvo (ar'-vo)
n. afternoon
"Maybe we could get together Sunday arvo."

Deep in the Heart of Texas
Found out about Rita only yesterday. (It's strange having no television nor computer homepage giving me the latest news.) My cousin's family are trying to evacuate, but last my aunt heard, they had to stick around because my cousin's husband is a pilot and might be needed to make a flight out.

Today's Events
I was going to attempt to walk to the Gloria Jean's coffee shop (after writing my address and phone number on myself in permenant marker), but I was informed I am getting a surprise of some sort this afternoon arvo. So I don't know what that means or if I need to be here for it, but I sure am curious.

Then tonight my future bro-&sister-in-law, a great friend-type couple, and the couple I live with are all having dinner here. And then we're going to see a jazz band play, and I've been told there will be swing dancers there. Wheee!


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