Friday, September 02, 2005

24 Hours in Two Days
That's right. A&E is showing all 24 hours of 24: Season 4 on Sunday and Monday. Get your friends and family addicted too.

Scanning Sepia
I spent the whole day scanning in photos from my Grandmother's photo albums. Some of them are so precious. I especially love this one of her with her younger sister Goldie and brother David.

Next came the twins Orville and Stanley. I cannot remember her other siblings, but I know there was at least one other set of twins, Wilson and Wilma. My grandma never finished school, because she had to stay home and help her mother with the other children. But she was such a beautiful woman who worked hard her entire life.

On the Air
Speaking of grandparents... my dad was telling me yesterday about how amateur (HAM) radio operators are helping hurricane victims reconnect with family members. Dad said my grandpa relayed messages after the earthquake in Mexico City in 1985 along with many others. My grandpa was a HAM operator for as long as I could remember. Every once in a while I was lucky enough to be there in the mornings when he was on the air.

I heard from a lady I used to work with who has family all through Mississippi (all safe). Her husband is leaving tomorrow with a team from Home Depot to go help in New Orleans. I've been watching CNN for four days now, and I can't help but wonder where they'll even start.

Google Earth has new images of the gulf coast.


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