Saturday, July 16, 2005

I moved to Nashville officially the third weekend of June in 2001. My first apartment here was "The Cottage" in Brentridge Apartments. My parents and Manda helped me move down from Indy.

I started blogging a few months later. Missives Anonymous has captured almost all of my Nashvillian adventures. So this weekend as I am busy loading the truck and moving back to Iowa for the first time in 10 years, I leave you with a retrospective of my notable blog entries from the last four years. Some of the images are broken due to the death of my old hosting and some links are broken too, but you'll get the general idea.

I have to admit it took me a while to get the hang of this whole blogging business. Was it my diary? Was it an exercise in creative writing? I chose the title, because at first I had no intentions of revealing anything about who I am and had absolutely no plans to tell anyone about it. That has all changed... and for the better, I like to think.

» 02 Sep 01 :: The First Official Post... which I think I actually wrote in Indiana on Jack & Manda's couch. My beautiful niece would be born later that day.

» 11 Sep 01 :: The 9|11 Post

» 04 Oct 01 :: The Bands with Numbers Boycott Post

» 17 Oct 01 :: The Country Song Post... yes, living in Nashville inspired me to write a country song that was originally brought about by Jay moving back to Indiana, but it really took on a life of its own.

» 08 Nov 01 :: The Lost Dogs Show Post... RIP Gene.

» 14 Nov 01 :: The Autumnal Nashville Observation Post

» 18 Nov 01 :: The Heroine Post... Duty called, and duty's name was Michael the road manager. But I managed to save the show.

» 13 Dec 01 :: The Band Guys are Dumb Post... well, not all band guys.

» 15 Jan 02 :: The Foreshadowing? Post... after going crazy (as documented in earlier posts) trying to get the band's visas and tickets and everything set for their Australasia trip, take note of what I wanted for a souvenier. Ha!

» 25 Jan 02 :: The Thievery Part Two Post... Please quit breaking into my car.

» 04 Feb 02 :: The Carnton Cemetary Post

» 24 Feb 02 :: The Magnetic Poetry Post

» 03 Mar 02 :: The Moving to The Manor Post... this was just about the longest process ever, but this day's post summed up the stress level for me. And using a tour bus as a moving van was an experience I'll probably never have again.

» 01 Apr 02 :: The If I Knew Then... Post... Yeah, we met at an Easter party.

» 22 Apr 02 :: The Erin's Here for GMA Week Post

» 29 Apr 02 :: The Danielle Got Mad Post... or the recounting of the rare anger.

» 07 May 02 :: The Guys Wrecked the Trailer Post

» 15 May 02 :: The Star Wars Episode II Post

» 02 Jun 02 :: The Jack and Opryland Post

» 03 Jun 02 :: The First Liner Notes Mention Post

» 26 Jun 02 :: The Noncommittal Response Post... not much substance, but always a favorite.

» 11 Jul 02 :: The Danielle Gets a Cellphone Post

» 29 Aug 02 :: The Meeting Béla Fleck Post

» 21 Sep 02 :: The Make Your Own Risk Game Post

» 14 Oct 02 :: The First Non-Date Post

» 22 Oct 02 :: The Accident Post

» 30 Oct 02 :: The Hot Air Affair Post

» 03 Nov 02 :: The Drew's Gone Post

» 11 Nov 02 :: The Dog on the Interstate Post

» 13 Nov 02 :: The Sad Day Post

» 02 Dec 02 :: The Bad Trip Post... flying back to Nashville next to sickness personified.

» 07 Dec 02 :: The Vengeance is Mine Post

» 16 Dec 02 :: The Most Memorable Florida Vacation Post

Okay, I ran out of time. (I haven't even gotten to my Oh-My-Goodness-I-Just-Hit-an-Owl post. A personal fav.) Enjoy these or peruse the archives yourself and find your own favourite post. Woot.


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