Monday, July 04, 2005

Can I Have Some Remedy?
I'm all about public service around here, so in that regard, I am happy to share the best invention EVER... the homemade fruit fly trap.
Originally found at this blessed site, all you need is a glass, a piece of paper, tape/staples, and a sweet concoction for bait. I used a small mixture of red wine and balsamic vinegar... and the secret key not mentioned on the site: a couple drops of liquid soap to break the surface tension. (You can use a piece of banana apparently, but I prefer to WATCH THEM DROWN, because I'm sadistic like that.)

I made two of them. Within twenty minutes, I had five in the one in my room. Where did they COME FROM?? Overall, I think seven have drowned to their miserable death in that one. The one in kitchen has at least 14 carcasses (carcai, if you will). Hallelujah!

The End of Life as I Know It
Being horribly sentimental, I've been taking photos of the way my room and stuff looked before I started taking everything down.

My makeshift computer area. Life was so much easier with a wireless laptop.

Yes, the calendar (from Mamselle's) on my desktop was from May, though I just updated to July. And yes, the calendar on the wall was from December 2003... don't ask.

This sign has been in my bathroom for two and a half years. Inherited from my friends' house when they moved back. Little did I suspect when I hung it that I'd be headed there myself.

And I loved my little toilet decorations... especially my jar of gerberas that I made.

I was going to post the mid-packing photo, but it is a little too scary. The thing is that I see improvement, and that's all the motivation I need. I wish I had kept track of how many bobby pins and ponytail holders I have found since I started packing. Insane. (Oh, and Manda, I found the toilet paper core behind the books on the bookshelf. Thanks. :P )

Music of the Day
The Robe album by Wes King. He was one of our clients... and one that I was giddy to meet, because I've always greatly admired his work. Sadly, he was diagnosed with lymphoma earlier this year and has struggled with the treatments. The artist community has come together to record a tribute project, Life is Precious: A Wes King Tribute, to be released independently this winter with all proceeds going to the King family to help defray the cost of his cancer treatments.


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