Monday, June 06, 2005

Killer Time
So the Floridians and I got together the other night for a little Murder Mystery dinner. Ours was the Murder at the Four Deuces, and it took places in the "rip roaring 20s". I tied with Manda for best costume and somehow managed to get voted best actress. It was all the lash-batting, to be sure. It was really a lot of fun, despite our poor attitudes prior.

Madame MeMe, Rebecca Ravioli, Carrie Crooner-Ravioli

Oh, and umm... Leslie, Manda, and I went to Anthropologie today. It was everything I had hoped for and more. I want to move in there. Okay, so I don't see anything I got on the website, but then again, I didn't see this little gem in the store either. Ugh, the prices in there kill me, but everything is so cute.

Leslie also walked me to Urban Outfitters, but I was able to refrain from purchasing anything there. Oh Mall at Millenia, I love you; I hate you.

Curly Sue Manda TiVo'd the entire first season of The 4400 plus the Season Two premiere today. We're newly addicted. Creepy little girl though, eh?


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