Thursday, June 16, 2005

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Oops I Did It Again
Someone informed me that I haven't blogged in a while. Oops. Sometimes I'm uninspired. And let me tell you, lack of a wireless laptop really uninspires.

Gown Downers
I finally got my bridesmaid dress on Monday. (They are beautiful, Allison. Love the dusty lavender color!) A big thank you to everyone who I asked to pray that my arse would fit in it. That wasn't really a problem at all. (And no, it's not my ample bosom that's the problem either, thanks for bringing it up, Steve.) It's my ribcage that is more of the issue. It's not horrible, and I can zip it up... but man, it's not comfortable.

So my dear friend Sandra, the former L.A. fashion designer, took a look at it yesterday. She knew all the lingo and called around for someone who could do the alterations in a week. We went into the shop, and even after the lady pinned the top of the bodice tighter, that made it all hang nicer.

While we were out, we discovered a little boutique in Brentwood called Dragonfly. The lady does all sorts of custom clothing and jewelry. I could totally do that. Some of her jewelry was gorgeous though. Hideously expensive, but pretty to look at.

Let's see... what else. Love this "Reading is for awesome people" shirt at Nerdy Shirts found via one of this guy's myspace friends.

Oh yeah... and then there are the most disturbing Domestic Violence Public Service Announcements ever. You can thank Hans for those.

And here's a link for him, Futurama Taglines from the first four seasons, I believe.

Look at OOOMS. Admit it, suddenly the dutch are a little cooler.

And check out these great stool/chair/table things from Target, no less.


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