Friday, May 20, 2005

The Reflex is in Charge of Finding Treasure in the Dark
<gripe>My roommate insists upon watching those C.S.I.-type shows where they show dead things decomposed and mutilated all in the name of science. We always seem to be eating at the time, so I've taken to not looking whenever I suspect we're about to be shown some innards.

Problem is, in her efforts to aid me, she yells "DON'T LOOK!" just as they show a shot of pure nastiness not unlike the pasta and sauce I'm trying to eat. And what do I do? I LOOK! Why is my reflex to LOOK to see what I'm NOT supposed to be LOOKING at?

Alternatively, I would like to suggest that she yell "THE STOVE!" or "MY FOOT!" or something, anything that would make me instictively look in a direction opposite of the vicinity of the fleshy gore.</gripe>

Rain, Rain...
I was all revved up for a storm tonight. Looks like it's going to pass to the north, but at least this afternoon was exciting. Yeah, I wasn't all that far from the happenings in the historic district.

My grandma made pillow cases. I remember going through her dresser drawers and looking at the perfectly starched pillow cases that hadn't been brought out into circulation yet. I found a site called needlecrafter that has all kinds of downloadable patterns for classic needlework like that. I think my pillowcase had a kitty of some sort and a blue tatted edge. Someday I will make pillowcases.


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