Wednesday, May 25, 2005

No Cruising
I watch Oprah. I hate Tom Cruise. Yesterday Tom was on Oprah. Oh the dilemma. People think he's charming, and I can't argue with that... but in my head that part of him makes him a pompous ass. Watching his self-absorption swell in front of that audience of women while gushing about how in love he is made me ill. Sit your rear on the couch and conduct the interview already. Quit jumping up every five seconds and striking your "touchdown" pose. He reminds me very much of all the things I didn't like about someone else I once knew.

I'm so irritated now that I can't remember what else I was going to say.

But I will say that I enjoyed reading Barry's Revenge of the Sith observations. [spoilers]

And go ahead... play 20 Questions with Darth Vader.

Oh! And Allison, I am so envious of your trip to Anthropologie! (I just love how the store locator on their site is set up like the periodic table.) Maybe I can get Manda or Leslie to take me to the one in Orlando next week. Woohoo! Just to look. Just to look.


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