Monday, May 09, 2005


Believe It or Not, I'm Walking on Air
HELP! My roommate and I saw the most hilarious commercial yesterday. I can't remember the product it was advertising, but I do remember these points:

• three guys in a living room
• guy with curly blonde hair is singing the Greatest American Hero themesong with alternate lyrics
• one dark-haired guy breaks out into interpretive dance
• I want to say there were references to "green" and perhaps "G3"?
• it may have had something to do with a game of some sort

It was on TBS during either Fried Green Tomatoes or Pay it Forward. We just want to know what it was for so that we can potentially find it online. We will not stop watching until we find it.

UPDATE: Found it! It's E3 on G4... watch the ad here; you won't regret it.

Awesome Pawsome
I fell in love with the Awesome Pawsome almost two years ago. Today we saw them on Animal Planet again, and my roommate was like "hey, we should find out what zoo they are at and go there." Turns out they live in AUSTRALIA at the themepark Dreamworld where my Aussie friend is taking me when I go back this fall!! I don't think you understand how excited this makes me.

Blessid Union of Souls is coming out with a new album on Tuesday?? Their Home album defines a whole year of my life, as my copy was played CONSTANTLY when we were on the road.

Bright and Early
Yesterday I went for breakfast with Jesse & his Mom, who I love. Just for reference. It is possible to go to Pancake Pantry when there isn't a line around the building -- you just have to get there at 6:15... in the morning.


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