Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Fear of Loss is a Path to the Dark Side
I went to see Revenge of the Sith today. I don't want to spoil anything for those who have yet to go, but I went in with an attitude that was all "You'd BETTER be setting up Episode IV, or I'm going to be UNHAPPY!" And I must say, I left pleasantly surprised. Go!

The script is at Internet Movie Script Database. If you've already seen the movie, you should check out some of the cheese-mo lines that weren't in the final version.

And there are the 1000 Words - Star Wars Photoshop entries. Some are just brilliant.

Culture[shock] Corner: Money
It may seem silly, but I'm trying to do a little homework in advance of The Big Move. Today, I've been playing this little kids game about making change with Australian currency. No quarters. One dollar coins. Two dollar coins. Fifty cent pieces. It's just different. I remember paying for lunch in Albany, or rather trying to pay for lunch, and finally I just held out a handful of coins and the cashier lady sympathetically picked out the ones that she needed. I figure it doesn't hurt to be a little more familiar with it before I go.


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