Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
Thanks to Tommy for backing me up on the whole Tom/Oprah debacle. Realizing we probably weren't the only two people commenting on the issue, I decided to look into what other people were saying about his uncomfortable display. (Please do check out the screencaps, or better yet, the animated gifs if you missed it.)

UPDATE: You can now see the highlight reel at

Here are some quotable gems I found:
• "You can date whomever you want- and you don’t have to do a Dateline special every time the two of you hold hands. Just bring it down about 6 notches." -- An Open Letter to Tom Cruise

• "Thanks Tom. You have shown us all that you are not gay, just really weird." -- Tom Cruise "I'm Not Gay" Tour '05

• "He's overly emotive about everything, from his scientological (is that even a word?) fervor to how great he's feeling. Every sentence he utters gets a really intense exclamation point at the end of it." -- arclig industries

• "Oprah, come on now - Vicodin for the Green Room, how many times do I have to tell you?" -- A Makeup Artist on the Run

• "I was prepared for bad. I was prepared for awful. But I wasn't prepared for mind altering, rip your intestines out and soak them in acid, re-f*cking-volting." -- Woofactor

• "It was so creepy and unreal and disgusting that I found myself watching with a look of disgust I usually reserve for anything Mary Kay/Villi related." -- Glesbo

• "Have we all been enjoying the All New & Completely Insane & Desperately In Need Of A Ritalin Prescription Tom Cruise? Nothing makes me feel more warm and fuzzy than watching a celebrity become a parody of their former self." -- AusCulture

• "At our office, we've been joking that Tom Cruise is 'going Mariah on us.'" -- Daily Blabber (too funny)

• "To Tom Cruise: I saw you on Oprah yesterday, and you looked fabulous....for a 42 year old man high on E. Seriously what's your problem." -- okay seriously

• " Whose shoes do I NOT want to be in right now? Katie Holmes. Poor girly." -- Desi Nashaa in Toronto

• "Tom was hopping around the Oprah show like a freaking caged babboon with his ass on fire. Is he grossing anyone else out?" -- Celebrity Smack

• "I made it through about ten minutes of this ridiculous interview and after feeling nauseaous, I just stopped the recording and deleted it. What the hell is wrong with him? I actually hate him now." -- Almost Candid

• " Dear Katie, I'm going to keep this short. You're nuts." -- Ruby Slippers

I feel better now. That is all.


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