Friday, April 29, 2005

Tall Chicks with Accents
There is something about Indy that is so comforting to me. It's a big place, but I still know my way around. People I love are there. I know some secret cool spots. I have yet to visit and not have a small part of me long to go back.

Hung out with John & Becky and their three girls. *tear*

Met Aimee, who is super tall and slender (despite license photos and what stupid cashiers say), and she drives the cooler version of my car.

Spent the night and yesterday with Allison and Aaron and Emma, the awesomest kitty-cat ever.

Allison introduced me to Haus and to Nescafe Ice Java (found a coupon!), and I introduced her to World Market and to these guys.

Sadly, my thrift stores and goodwills were a bust this time. I didn't have the heart to dig, and nothing jumped out at me.

Today I feel a little like trash... just because there has been a little sleep void in my life lately. I was meaning to remember Allison's aggrivated comment from yesterday morning, but now it escapes me. Something to the effect of "I don't think I have ever woken up so many times in my life!" Between the alarms, Emma, the guys yelling outside the window, the hammering, and whatever else, I don't think I have either. But it was still worth staying up until 3 for.

I got home at midnight. Listened to WFV for two of the four hours. I could totally hear "Movie Star" on a soundtrack someday! Rawk!

After the Haus visit, I'm feeling crafty. Must make something. They had some little picture frames made out of heavily starched fabric with a clear plastic pocket sewn on front with a looped ribbon to hang it by. I think I may look through my scraps and see if I have anything to make those with. Either that or those beaded lightbulb covers for the simple chandelier effect. Might have to peruse not martha for some more inspiration. Why Bother Seeing the World for Real? I'm about to submit the Opryland Hotel.


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