Sunday, March 27, 2005

Please Forgive Me in Advance
The following Easter greeting was inspired by a conversation with Jack & Manda that started back in December. Jack had done a powerpoint for one of their pre-Christmas services, and the background had a crown of thorns wrapped in Christmas lights. Manda thought it was... tacky? Was that the word? I was forced to agree, if only to give Jack crap. (Because that is my job.)

So tonight on the phone Manda was mentioning that Jack had to go to the church to get things set up for the service tomorrow, and I asked what the powerpoint background was going to be. This led to some brainstorming about potential ideas mixing the commercial and spiritual aspects of this holiday... including, but not limited to an Easter bunny on the cross.

Jack said, "You're both going to hell."

Without missing a beat, Manda added, "In an Easter basket."


Happy Easter from me and Manda. Feel free to use this image for all your powerpoint needs, Jack.


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