Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Come on Down!
So I went to Florida. Came back a day later than originally planned. But I came back driving... a new CAR! (That must be read like Bob Barker during the Showcase Showdown, or don't even bother.)

It's the little grey Hyundai Accent that Manda bought new five years ago. (Looks a little something like this.) No, it's not my dream car... but sometimes one must sacrifice style for function. And function, it does. The windows even go down, and the doors totally lock... which is a major step up from Amerigo, my dying Explorer.

Which reminds me. After 12 hours of contemplation yesterday, the car is now named Marty. (Because we went to Mardi Gras at Universal on Saturday night, and my beads are hanging on the rearview mirror for now, and there is a green/gold/purple feather boa in the back.)

I want to write about the conversation I had with the kid next to me on the plane Friday night, but I need to look up a few things first.


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