Friday, March 04, 2005

The Big Picture
Yeah, I'm a tough cookie. Doing better already. Like I said, it's something I've been asking for.. I just wasn't necessarily expecting the answer in this way or this soon... but it gives clarity to the bigger picture. "Vaguery" is the word for the day.

Good Things Come in Threes
Being the third day of the third month... (makes me think of Pauley) ...the next three phrases of 3's may or may not go together.

"Tears for Fears"
"West coast tour"
"Love the opener"

For Future Reference:
* -- gives the details on which seats are better in any particular airplane.
* How to crack a Masterlock -- good to know in case my nephew ever decides to put one (whose combination was lost) on the handle of the refrigerator again. It was there for a good couple years, I'd say... until the day my brother miraculously remembered his old gym locker combo. I almost miss it now.
* I'm planning on doing 43things... right now I'm only doing 5.

Welcome to 2005
I downloaded Firefox today. I know... I know... I don't even want to hear it. Yes, it rocks. Yes, I'm lame for not getting it sooner. Don't talk to me anymore.

Song for the Day:
Love is on the Way
- Saigon Kick
~Lonely sidewalks, silent night
Bring the evening, deep inside
Hold me darlin, touch me now
Let the feeling, free tonight~


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