Tuesday, March 22, 2005

And They're Off
Well, it was an exciting weekend packed with activity, but Nate & Shanna left this morning.

Last night we went to see Hostage, and it was surprisingly good and suspenseful. (The fact that I had never even heard of it probably helped that.) Our consensus was 3 on a scale of 5 which equals a "I wouldn't mind seeing that again if someone rented it." (Not all reviews were so kind.) Highlight below for our immediate post-movie conversation. (SPOILER ALERT)

Nate: So what did you think?
Me: I could have done without the knife in the face.
Nate: Yeah.

Musically, we filled up at Exit/In. Friday night was Andy Davis and Dave Barnes, whose banter was hilarious and whose band was amazing. Good times were had by all. Saturday was Suns of Norway, Character (their final show), and Venus Hum (of Joy). Yay!

Nevashut: Flash game. Get Sanjeev to give you the remaining five cans of Pringles. We've gotten four and are stuck on the fifth. Reminiscent of the subservient chicken.


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