Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What's with Today... Today
When asked how I was doing, I replied, "I just feel really boring today."

I would have posted sometime in the last five days if I had anything of remote interest to relay. I didn't even call my parents over the weekend, because I couldn't think of anything to tell them. Thanks to those who wondered if I dropped off the earth. However when Manda asks if I am going to blog again, I must respond with "Glass houses, my dear... glass houses."

Erin's Random Last Tuesday Question
RTQ #25: What is your favorite physical aspect of the opposite sex?

Oh goodness, hands. And I don't know if guys are aware of how hot their shoulders look in a well-fitting t-shirt.

• I slept through the tornado siren this morning.
• The O'Jays are going to be at Universal Mardi Gras next weekend. Why couldn't we have gone on Go-Go's night? (Or the night that Michael freaking Bolton was there.)
A Day in the Life of Air Traffic over the Continental U.S.


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