Friday, February 25, 2005

I've found my new desktop wallpaper:
"every time a cell phone rings, an angel gets kinda annoyed"

Super Danielle... to the Rescue!!
On my way to work this morning, I noticed there was a black dog with a red collar meandering down the sidewalk a block from my office. Took a moment, but then I realized it was Heidi... one of the dogs at the place where I housesit. So I whipped the car around being careful not to spill my coffee, parked a block from their house, and set out on foot to find her.

Thankfully she remembered me, though getting her to come back to the house was more of a game for her. As I was putting her in the back gate, the gentleman of the house came out on the porch and thanked me profusely. I had never met him, so I introduced myself as the housesitter.

And that's really it. Great story. Right. Moving on...

Jay Won! As much as I like Kara Saun's work, it was always about Jay for me. I loved his fashion week show. Yay!

Today I'm signing all my emails with "Rock out. Whatever." as homage to the Butthole Surfers' song "Whatever (I Had a Dream)", which as you may or may not know was featured on the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack that Nate and I listened to endlessly.

Etymologic: The Toughest Word Game on the Web. (I found this last night while looking for the origins of the word "surefire"... which I still haven't found.)


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