Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Okay, I'm Ready for My Vacation Now
Made it back to Nashville last night in time to see the guys play at the GEC. (Check out the final paragraph of this article. Very nice.) They sounded good considering they were playing in a tin can. And good to see Roy with them again. We'll see how the word spreads today if they have a larger crowd tonight.

General Hospital News
They moved Greg down to the rehab floor last week. He is talking a lot more now, although not much of it makes much sense. The most depressing time for me was early last week when he enthusiastically introduced himself to my father... that was when we realized that he didn't actually know who we were.

But each day we saw bits of improvement. By this past Thursday, he recognized me in a picture although he didn't remember me by the time I got there that night. But Saturday when I went up to say goodbye, he knew I was his sister and even remembered my name after a bit. Later he told the nurse that I am his sister who he loves and kissed my hand. So that was a sweet farewell. (Of course, earlier in the night he pointed to me and my sister on a picture and called us his "stupid ho sisters". Punk. I just keep reminding myself that he's in the Inappropriate Agitated stage of recovery, so he doesn't really mean it... we think.) :)

Actually, I've been learning a lot about head trauma, and it's quite interesting. "Interesting" in that hope-you-never-have-to-need-to-know-this-stuff-because-experiencing-it-sucks way. But, there are ten levels of "coma", and Greg is currently between 4 and 5 on the scale. There is no way to say how long each stage will last, but the less time the patient is in stage one (he was for 6 days), the faster they generally progress.

Thanks again for the thoughts, prayers, notes, emails, comments, phonecalls, etc. We were all in amazingly good spirits throughout the time I was home, and I know all the efforts on your end helped with that!

Non-Hospital Holiday Highlights (in no particular order)
1. You know how sometimes you're watching a movie, and you know something is about to happen... but when it finally does, it surprises you anyway? Yeah, so on that note... CONGRATULATIONS to Allison and Aaron! May you be happy, healthy and have lots of children whose names don't start with "A"!

2. Movies galore. Well, three.
...The Spongebob Squarepants Movie: Okay, so I fell asleep, but the image of Patrick skydiving nekkid with a flag trailing behind him from a stick wedged between his buttcheeks is seared in my memory.
...A Series of Unfortunate Events: Another movie date with my nephew. This one I enjoyed... as did he, since I gave him the book for his birthday. Loved the closing credits too, eh?
...Blade:Trinity: A guilty pleasure amongst my guy friends and me. Pay no attention to the one & a half stars... understand that it isn't cinematic greatness... there are some plot holes and gratuitous product placement *ahem, ipod*, but go to enjoy the comic relief from Ryan Reynolds.

3. Birthday came and went without much fanfare, but I did come away with the... magic lipgloss. Manda loves me.

4. Nate and I were driving home from Sioux Falls when the clock struck midnight on New Year's. So we did what anyone else would have done in that situation... Chinese Firedrill. (There is something so non-pc about that.) Blew a kiss to the south. (Erin, I'm so jealous.) :)


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