Saturday, April 10, 2004

Smooth Criminal
Oh, the life of crime I live. My friend (from Michigan) just called me (in Tennessee) from his in-laws' house (in Pennsylvania) asking if I would forge his signature on something if it was faxed (from Nevada) to my office. Starting today, he has the girliest signature ever.

Honk if You Love Jesus
The elderly couple with the "Honk if You Love Jesus" signs were out at the busy intersection again today. I guess the idea is to provoke thought. Either that or annoy the crap out of the people working at the post office.

Mmm... Good
Late this afternoon a new demo came across my desk, and this one I can dig. Described as both elegant and edgy, I think they are worth checking out. (Sorry for the ambiguous link... I've determined this is the best way to avoid mixing business with blogging.)


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