Saturday, April 03, 2004

beautiful in mind or character; delightful; beautiful; pleasing

I ran into Target last night between dinner with the roommates and the big swing dance. I had a couple things I needed, but ended up with an impulse purchase that I could not resist. It's a little tacky, but oh so perfect. It's this little ceramic wall-hanging with... a purple (my signature color) gerber daisy (my signature flower) next to the word "lovely".

Someone told me I was lovely last year about this time, and it is one of those things that has just stuck with me.

Read a Million Minutes
Everyone I know is reading Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2. I'm not. Yet.

Hot on the Trail
Somehow I ran across this NY Times article about an old cemetary in the heart of Queens. This article led me to Forgotten NY, a website featuring all things old and new-yorky; Long Island Oddities, more unknown locales in NY; Street-Light Nuts, a pretty self-explanatory title; and Satan's Laundromat: a photoblog of NYC, which led me to Pixpopuli: a photoblog of LA. Some interesting stuff hidden in those sites if you have the time to peruse.

Vrijdag Vijf
Friday Five is taking another week off, it seems. However, I thought I'd post my own. We've got children's books on the brain here, as the deadline draws near for Bossman's first two books...

1. Are there any books from your childhood that stick out in your mind as favorites?
There was one about a dog and a rock garden and another called The Upside-Down Picnic, I think.

2. Which series of books did you have to read every single one?
Throughout my reading career these included: "The Berenstain Bears, "Little House on the Prairie", the Ramona books, and I was big into The Babysitters Club for a while too.

3. Which Dr. Seuss book was your favourite?
I always thought they were Dr. Seuss books, but later found out that they were by PD Eastman... Go Dog Go or Are You My Mother?

4. Did you ever have to dress up as a book character for school? Who did you go as?
Yes. Laura Ingalls.

5. Do you have a favourite memory of being read to?
First, let me say that I love the art of storytelling -- it is much more than just reading to people. One instance that keeps jumping back into mind was in fourth grade when Mr. Landegent read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to us. He was one of my favourite teachers of all time. He was very animated and used different voices. It was very captivating, and I just remember enjoying it immensely.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that I locked myself out of my office yesterday? I ran out the door at 3:30, because pretty much every place quits serving by 4 down here. On my way back I realized I had no keys. No one else was there. So I actually sat down and chewed my food and thoroughly tasted it for once. No multi-tasking for a change. No typing and eating and running to the copier. Just me and my curry-chicken-salad stuffed tomato.


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