Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Let's Talk about BroodX, Baby
Though I am better than I used to be, I am not kidding when I say that I used to have a severe phobia of moths. I wasn't just "afraid" of them. I'm talking about taking normal-life-altering measures to avoid them. Anyone who knows the story of when one ended up in the car with me can attest.

So now I am hearing all these stories about how we are about to get cicadas in plague-like numbers here one of these days. And to be honest, I am feeling a certain anxiety that I haven't felt in quite a while. As you can see by the map, there appears to be no avoiding them for me. And the horror stories people have been telling about them getting into houses and cars (need I remind you my air conditioning doesn't work, so my windows are always open) are enough to set me into panic.

I don't really care that they don't bite or sting. (Moths aren't really the most vicious things in the world either.) Just look at them... they're big; they're winged; and they're pretty darn ugly.

I'm preparing my boss for the fact that I may need to take a six-week vacation for mental health reasons.

Glitter Polish and Birthday Cake
Saturday I helped Sandra with Audrey's 9th Birthday party. The theme was Audrey's Day Spa, and it was so cute. We soaked their feet in little foot massager water things and took turns washing them with the yummy Arbonne foot scrub.

They were so cute though. One little girl took the cucumbers off her eyes, leaned forward, and whispered in excited sincerety, "I've never been to a spa before!" It was so darling. I haven't either, honey... I haven't either.

They took turns painting each other's nails, and one offered to do mine. How could I say no? So most of my nail surface area and a lot of my fingertip area ended up a lovely shade of lavendar with a thick coat of glitter sparkles. It was very sweet.

There's a Reason Your Name Isn't on the Cover
There has been a lot of talk around the office about the dangerous trend where record labels (and to a certain extent, book publishers) feel like their job is to have an active part in creating the art instead of simply exploiting it. I think that's how we end up with cookie-cutter top-40 groups and 700 Chicken Soup for the Soul books. It's when someone takes a chance on something that doesn't fit the mold -- that's when "fresh" and "exciting" come back into play. Just thoughts.

Mystery Artists
I talked to Darren and mentioned that I saw *squeal* the new photos. He asked what I like about them, so I had to say that I love the clothing selection, love the teacups, and the action shots are so Tarantino.

When is Steve going to bring back his children's art reviews?


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