Friday, April 02, 2004

It's official. I'm joining Aaron in hating April Fools Day. I had AFD on the brain when I read Jay's post, otherwise I would have totally believed that. But I just talked to Karl, and he asked if I had heard about his son. I'm all prepared for some ridiculous AFD joke and laughed when he said that Hunter was jumping over the railing at the NB show last night and broke his arm. That kid has taken gymnastics for years and is like a monkey, but I've never seen him hurt himself. However he was serious. They're still at the hospital in Clarksville. I'm no med student, but two metal plates and eight pins doesn't sound very good to me.

Oh, but the new Rocky Top Brigade Tailgate Party is up at Barry's.

But in other good news that I forgot, we got our tickets for Muse yesterday. Whee! Thux and Recah were game for going along. It's such great timing. Perfectly nestled in the 16-hour window when the guys aren't doing something for GMA.


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