Tuesday, April 27, 2004

It's Hug an Australian Day today. I'm not really on a hugging level with the ones I know here... so virtual hugs to Phil, Fi, Hans, Mick, Steven, Andrew, Lisa, Pete, Duane, Louise, Brenton, Luke, & Lucy.

(Hug drawing by the rad TuesdayComic)

So today I was wondering when was the last time I was at my house besides when I was sleeping or getting ready to go somewhere or getting ready to sleep. I think it was the Friday before last, though it may have been the Wednesday before that. A long stinking time anyway. I'm starting to miss my couch.

Best Quote from the International Sales Conference on Saturday
"I've always wanted to play for the United Nations. Some people want to play the Hollywood Bowl or Madison Square Gardens. Not me. For me it is the UN. So thanks for making my dream come true. You can all just pretend you are world leaders."

ISC Saturday morning. Picked Marc & Recah up at 2:00. Drove like crazy to Cincinnati. Found the venue. Had some great dinner at Daniel's Pub. Watched Muse put on an incredible show in this small, smokey venue and loved every minute of it.

Yesterday was the Main Street Festival. I got a magnetic hemitite bracelet in hope that it will aid in the whole regaining-feeling-in-the-thumb process.

Last night was the NACRRlshowcase. Watched the guys. Went to Buffalo Billiards with Marc & Recah and Josefine & Samuel, the Swedes. Went back for Sanctus. Left with the guys and wives and label folk and went to Bosco's. Home by 2.

I think I might get to sit on my couch on Friday, but I'm not sure.


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