Wednesday, April 14, 2004

It's BusyTuesdayTM -- don't expect too much from me.

You are a GRAMMAR GOD!
If your mission in life is not already to preserve the English tongue, it should be. Congratulations and thank you!
How grammatically sound are you?

I was thrilled to see that someone is proposing a ban to prohibit animals from riding untethered in the back of vehicles. If you recall, I had a rather traumatic experience when a dog fell out of a truck in front of me on the interstate. The visions of that cute puppy careening towards my vehicle still haunt me.

What the... snow?

My 79-year-old grandma went home from the hospital yesterday. She had back surgery a couple weeks ago, so we are grateful for that. She and I had an awesome conversation Sunday night. It's so encouraging talking to someone who loves you unconditionally, who sees your inner beauty and potential, and who only wants the best in the world for you.

Post Scripts
Allison, I'm not ignoring you! Thanks for the email -- I'll be writing soon.
naTASHa, I wasn't ignoring you either... I just couldn't peel myself out of bed in time. Email me! I didn't really catch everything in your message, and I deleted it instead of saving it in my 2:30-am sleep-induced stupor. :)
▪ And a special thanks to Manda (who doesn't update anymore, so doesn't get a link)... what in the world would I do without you?


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