Friday, April 23, 2004

I See Your True Colors Shining Through
What's your Birthday Pantone?
(Stolen from TheMommyBlog.)

December 25

Pantone 19-5511
Determined     Unusual     Goal Oriented

You were born with a nice mix of intuition and practicality. It is important for you to feel financially secure and grounded. No amount of wealth, status or achievement will be enough if you have not cultivated the spiritual side of your nature. Stability, home and love are all very important to you. You are loyal, dependable and giving, once you have accepted a person into your intimate circle of life. Hunter Green reminds you to stay connected to the spiritual side of life and helps calm any financial or mundane worries you may feel.

I'll take that, and dark green has always been a favourite. Weird how everyone else I looked up seemed to match their colors.

We're Here to Help Ya
For anyone looking for the "circled p" copyright symbol, you can download a font with it here.

Beautiful European photography.

Comebacks I'll Never Use
"Yeah, well if you were my sister and [he] was our dad, that little tattle-tale thing might have been more effective."

Survivor Magnolia

1. Tom
2. Rob
3. Alicia
4. Jenna
5. Tom
6. Shii Ann
7. 5
8. Shii Ann


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