Saturday, April 10, 2004

A Conversation
As I walked from my music-filled office through Karl's music-filled office...
Karl: You know if we had a subwoofer and a real sound system in here, we'd really have trouble.
Me: Is that your way of saying you don't like my music?
Karl: [laughs]
Me: Because I can turn that off.
Karl: Just like a woman to turn that around. I'm just saying if we had one soundsystem we'd have to fight over what we'd listen to... not that I don't like your music. [mimicking] You hate my music, don't you? You hate me, don't you?

I really was just looking for a reason to turn the music off. People send Bossman demos to listen to and critique. Without fail, they end up on my desk. In an effort to be positive, I counterbalanced my "Dave Matthews Band rip-off" comment with my "filled the lyrical 'Jesus' quota required to sign to a ccm label" comment.

Tommy's 5
1. How tall are you?

5'9.5" without shoes

2. Do you wish you were taller or shorter?
I'm good, thanks. Though sometimes I am a little self-conscious when I'm towering over everyone.

3. How tall was the tallest person you've ever met?
My brother-in-law is pretty tall. No clue how tall. But tall, nonetheless.

4. How short was the shortest fully grown adult you've ever met?
I don't know anyone personally who is freakishly short, so I'll just say my sister, because she hates that I'm taller.

5. What is your favorite word, currently?

Pizza Dude: fun fonts there. And more at Chank.


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