Monday, January 05, 2004

Yesterday morning, it was 13 degrees on the bank clock as I drove out of my hometown at 7:30 in the morning.

This afternoon, Phebe and I sat outside in short-sleeves eating ice cream.

I love the south.

When I was driving yesterday, I was just about to pass the last exit for Omaha when I decided to stop. I managed to find the hospital where my cousin's son had a transplant a couple weeks ago. She was so thrilled that I took the time to visit, and it was really nice to catch up with her again. Even though she lives in North Carolina, we don't see each other all that often. Her son looked really good, and they are calling the transplant a success. Their goal is to be home by March 1st.

I'm so glad I came back yesterday, because I definitely needed today to chill and sort things out. I also needed to go get a new calendar. Tonight was one of my favorite rituals of the new year... writing birthdays and anniversaries in the new calendar. Love it! Might even buy another calendar so I can do it again. If you want to be included in my Hello Kitty Birthday Calendar of Joy and Love, please leave your birthdate in the comments.

Mark Your Calendars -- Oh Wait, I Did
Time Bandits: 2-Disk Collector's Set is being released 1/27.
Jordan Knight (of NKOTB) is playing at 3rd & Lindsley on 1/27.

So as I mentioned before, I got This Book Will Change Your Life for Christmas. My brother spent the rest of the gift-opening time perusing it and laughing out loud on a regular basis. (I think I have found his birthday present for this year!) I started filling mine in today where they asked me to color in the countries on a world map (green) to which I have been, (blue) to which I plan to go this year, (yellow) to which I hope to visit before I die, and (red) to which I would rather die than visit. I'd also like to point out their online World Mood Chart.

The writers have convinced a gentleman by the name of Jonas to complete all of the tasks listed in the book. You can read all about it on his blog. (A few others are writing about how the book changes their lives: rockinear, Philip Jones, Rosie, vish, the toothfairy, Em and some group blog (which is cool because they use Shag artwork).)


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