Saturday, January 03, 2004

It's 2004 -- When Are We Going to Invent Teleporting Already?
So I am still at my parents' house. Though by a stroke of luck, I discovered that when I sit in the kitchen with my computer, I pick up a low wireless signal. Yippee! I had planned on driving to Des Moines today and then on to Nashville tomorrow, but Mom and I got in that "let's give everything to Goodwill" mood. So we had all kinds of boxes out of the storeroom, and it just wasn't happening for me.

Plus the nephews and niece were coming over, and I thought I could use a little more picture-taking time with them. Nate came over later, and.... (this is such a thrill to say).... we cut all his hair off. Luckily we timed it just right so that my sister, who was schooled in the ways of cosmetology, arrived at the house at about the same time as I was about to hack off the first major chunk. I ended up passing off the clippers for her to do the general shaping, and then I got rid of some more.

He brought over several pictures. We were going for a cross of All This Time-era Sting and Thom Yorke. The key phrase for the night was "don't fight the hairline". I think he looks great. We took before and after photos for the shock value. Nice.

So anyway. I'm driving back in one shot tomorrow. Mapquest estimates 14 hours and 4 minutes. I bite my thumb at Mapquest. Nashville, see you in 12.


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