Thursday, January 15, 2004

Bye Bye, Old Faithful
I am mourning the loss of my television. All of a sudden last night it crapped out on me. It still turns on like normal (using the pen cap to push where the button used to be). But it continuously changes channels going up -- and there is a weird pulsating pattern that distorts the picture. I'm so sad. Here is my tribute... the history of my television:

▪ Started out as the main living room tv at my parent's house.
▪ Got moved to the basement as the upstairs was upgraded.
▪ Moved to Michigan with me when I lived in the dorm.
▪ Moved in with me and Krystal at "The Mansion".
▪ Moved to "The Little House", but got labeled "The Devil Box" so had to live in the garage.
▪ Moved to "Grandma's House" and had a nice cozy window seat.
▪ Moved to Tennessee.
▪ Lived in the basement here until I moved into the master bedroom where it presently sits atop Jesse's awesome table covered with Fiona's awesome vintage material attached to my crappy VCR and PS2.

I can't believe I'm about to go buy two new televisions. I already decided that I was going to get this one for downstairs, since something is wrong with the contrast on that one which makes everything look like nighttime. *sigh*

uberval: "easily the most orange site you have seen today"

I was having a hard time listening to the chorus of Justin Timberlake's "Let's Take a Ride" (clip), because I swore I had heard it before. Last night I figured out what it was... the verse of "I Hate Myself for You" by PM Dawn (clip).

The Making of a Brick: an animation of how Legos are made.

Play Cinema Sequence... where each answer becomes a new question. I'm made CinemaFan with 3675. I know I can do better. I will do better.

Update: 4575 6175

Did I mention we have a big retreat for one of our clients this weekend, I need to design the cd art for an instrumental track by Friday, and I need to finish Bossman's itinerary for his trip next week? I don't have time for this.


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