Sunday, December 07, 2003

I'm quite certain that you have most likely missed out on the fun and games over at the SC Johnson website. There is the Windex® ShineTime game, the Raid® Insect Killer game, the Raid® screensaver, and the Dow Scrubbing Bubbles® screensaver. I'm sure you're all rushing over there right now as I speak.

Trust Me
Go here. Click on "Sounds". Click on "Forss" (guy with hands by his mouth). Click on the last "Listen" for the Standard 1A Medley. It's a brilliant theme and variation of one of the world's most annoying cellphone ringtones. (Which also happens to be the one that one of my roommates uses. Though they hate my ring too.) :)

Ever notice how you can find a 360-degree view of almost anything these days? Here's some I came across:
Mt Everest
Foster Park
the 9|11 Tribute in Light
The Kennedy Center Concert Hall
The Kitchen at Poche's Restaurant
Brighton University
Summer Lake Inn
Mooloolaba Beach
The dining room of the camp that I went to as a kid
Chateau Figeac


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