Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Thoughts from a Plane: Seat 17A

Flight from one home to the other requires no less than two airplanes.
One a crop duster.
The other a jet.

Southwest. Northwest.
The change in direction equals the difference between
a glass of gingerale versus the whole can
and one bag of peanuts versus two of pretzels.

Across the aisle is a baby in pink named Laura
(as told to the inquisitive flight attendant)
asleep in the arms of her sleeping mother
also in pink.

Ahead of me is the woman who was originally seated next to me
whose first words to me
(as I indicated that my seat was
the window-seat partner to her aisle seat)
were: "You're kidding me, right?"

Once the cabin door closed, she collected her things
and almost apologetically told me she was moving
to the row ahead of us
"to give us more room"...
as if I was going to miss her leather pants, romance novel,
and two bottles of purple juice.

Across the way is someone with my idea
watching an unidentified movie with army men.
Laptops are so handy when it comes to traveling.
If only I had remembered to bring my headphones.
I'm sure not everyone wants to listen to Donnie Darko right now.

"Time's fun when you're having flies."
Is that a punchline to a joke or a quote from Kermit?
I don't know but it just came to me
as I attempted to come up with a witty way to close this thing.


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