Thursday, January 01, 2004

Somewhere in Middle America
Mom and I did our annual post-Christmas trip to Omaha yesterday. We got a late start, but we got there by 3:30. I think we spent an hour in Linens 'N' Things coming up with ideas for redoing her bedroom and bathroom which are next on the remodeling list. My next career is Interior Decorator, I tell you.

Then we hit The Old Market. I found a great skirt at The SOUQ (which is also the place where I got my fabulous green velvet dress a few years ago). It's very me.

We hit lots of other shops, but my only other exciting purchase were these wonderful shoes from J.Jill. Manda will hate them, but again, they are very me.

New Year's... Bah Humbug
I'm feeling very uncelebratory tonight. I'd really rather sit home alone tonight watching one of the three audio commentaries on Pirates of the Caribbean. But I think I'm required to go out. Nothing can top "Italian Night" from last year. I think Nate and I are going to do pizza buffet for dinner and then sit around, though I was invited a few other places.

Regardless... I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!


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