Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I hate that I know enough about this to actually have an opinion (a strong opinion at that), but my excuse is that I usually have my television on when I'm working at home... and due to the lack of remote control, it usually ends up on MTV all day.

Rich Girls on MTV. This isn't like The Newlyweds where it was so unbelievably stupid that everyone loved to watch. No this is just unbelievably stupid. Somehow I just don't think that it is "reality" television. I think these are girls who are used to getting what they want who are trying to make "reality television". (How many times can Jaime mention she wants to write for a teen magazine?)

They show the episodes so often, I think I could do a running commentary on each one from memory. In fact, someday, I just might.

Now, I know that a lot of 18-year-olds are completely self-absorbed and don't know they don't have a clue... but it really makes me all irritable.

Okay... three little points I just need to get out and then I'll stop:

#1. To the powers that be at MTV: Watching dogs yak and pee was entertaining once. On The Osbournes... two years ago. No one cares if Sam has to mark 10 trees on his walk or if Midge has a tummy ache.

#2. To Ally: Get a grip. After watching her breakdown by the swimming pool, I just wanted to reach through the television and smack her. Somebody get the girl a cd of Michael Jackson's "Have You Seen My Childhood" and tell her to shut up. "This may sound really pompous, but I don't understand how people perceive me." This show isn't helping.

#3. To Jaime: People in the midwest do not wear cargo pants because they need more pockets. You may have been to Europe and all the boutiques in New York, but you don't know squat. Be quiet. You're making yourself look stupid. And try smiling, dear.

And just because I needed some affirmation, here are some great things that other people had to say:
Suburban Bliss: among other great points... "in the same episode, Ally expressed some concerns about living outside her father's shadow and making a name for herself. I have great news for Ally. She has made a name for herself and it's something like 'Stupid daughter of Tommy Hillfiger'."
The Blueprint: "Perhaps they decided to participate in this show to dispel stereotypes, but they reinforced my preconceived notions to a degree I couldn't have imagined. I understand that these girls are just high-schoolers and are therefore retarded by nature, but I can't believe how disgusted I am by them."
▪ There's actually a petition to get the show off the air. Granted, no one is signing it, but still...

Baby Gender Predictor: maybe a little safer than the ol' drano test.

Work the System
Why.... why can I not rent a car to take me from here to my parents' house? I know it is 900 miles, but give me a break. Is 200 extra miles on your one-way policy going to kill you? You've been so good to me in the past, my dear sweet Avis. Help me. (I actually determined that I might have to one-way rent to some undisclosed location around mile marker number 450... and then one-way rent the same car from there the rest of the way.)

Subliminal Thoughts
I Say... You Think...
1. Blizzard::
2. J:: Brooks
3. Control:: Freak
4. Blood:: Thirsty
5. Mysterious:: Ways
6. Annoying:: Can you hear me now?
7. Throat:: Lozenge (what a fun word!)
8. Condom:: uhh... you said "condom"... heh
9. Search:: Starsearch
10. Heartfelt:: Emotions


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