Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Quick Recap
▪ Went home.
▪ Hung out with the fam.
▪ Saw snow.
▪ My niece and nephew are adorable.
▪ My sister is extremely pregnant. (Though not due until my birthday, she is hoping she doesn't wait that long.)
▪ Created some new Christmas decorations.
Three Musketeer reunion.
▪ Food.

I think this would be nice to see if not own: The Work of Director Michel Gondry. (If only for the Massive Attack and Bjork vids alone.)

A Conversation with My Mom
As we were trying to pick out a new coat for her.
Mom: But that one has corduroy. I thought you girls hated corduroy.
Me: Mom, I'm wearing corduroy.
Mom: Oh, I guess you are. I thought you hated corduroy.
Me: That was fifteen years ago when you made us wear it.

More later. Still trying to catch up.


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