Saturday, December 20, 2003

Pre-Birthday Party
Last night Sandra, RoseAnne, Connie, & Barbara took me out to my favourite Mexican restaurant for my birthday. It was the first time I can remember ever having been sung to by a half-dozen waiters at a restaurant for my birthday. I don't know... I guess I just never go out to eat on my birthday. I swear I was in total shock. They ambushed me from behind and put a sombrero on me. Next thing I know this giant icecreamy dessert was in front of my face, and one of them grabbed the spoon, scooped up some whipped cream, and put it on my nose. I didn't hear a word they sang. I would have given anything to see my face, because I honestly was so surprised. Petra, Recah, and Thux joined us for coffee afterwards. It was just a super fun night.

I'm Dreaming...
This map predicts that I have about a 50% chance of experiencing a White Christmas. (thanks to danielle for the link.) ((And Allison, looks like you've got a chance too!))

Cornfield Commentary -- someone from the motherland. Good old John Deere colors. What can I say? I had to link it.

I am truly saddened. Remy Zero is hanging it up. The only good thing is that their shirts are half-off.

Being a Sams Club member knocked over $200 off my two-week Avis car rental. Thanks to Nancy, the blessed reservations attendent. She totally hooked me up. I love customer service people who act like real people. "We gotta get you home for Christmas."

Friday Five
1. List your five favorite beverages.

Coffee. Dr. Pepper. Mom's Apple Cider. Coffee. And... umm... coffee?

2. List your five favorite websites.
No time to discriminate. See list at left.

3. List your five favorite snack foods.
I'm not super snacky, but I could eat dried cherries all day.

4. List your five favorite board and/or card games.
Warlords & Scumbags, Meow, Hearts, Bohemian Ratscrew, Spider Solitare

5. List your five favorite computer and/or game system games.
Age of Myth, the Myst game series, Motocross Mania

Song for the Day:
Go listen to all the Remy Zero you can get here. Sad.


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