Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Mother Invention
Yesterday Michael came by the office with a bag of fruit and nuts that he got from the storage unit place when he went there to check on the bus. Not having a nutcracker, we discovered that you can wedge a walnut just under the edge of a cupboard door and then pound on the cupboard and get the same effect. Well, not quite the same effect. The shell sort of shatters and flies all around the room... but you get the nut out. Well, you get the nut out in about a hundred pieces. So yeah, that entertained us for a while.

Today I was reading in the paper about PlaygroundUSA. It is supposedly a free service where you sign up and are able to search for people who share common interests... like pretty much every other human meatmarket out there. In the interest of research, I signed up in order to see how it worked. However, I think it might be crap. Or maybe there isn't anyone within 100 miles who shares my interests... and actually, that quite possibly could be the case.

Today I was reminded of the crash of United Flight 232 back in 1989. (Bossman can only seem to remember my hometown by first recalling that I am not from Sioux City.) Though I can remember it like it was yesterday. This site has links to the control tower transcript and the transcript of a speech by the pilot. (Perhaps you remember the movie with Charlton Heston as Captain Haynes.) You can also read an excerpt of a book called Chosen to Live by one of the survivors. This site has cockpit recordings along with an amazing aerial view of the path of the crash.

Niece/Nephew Watch
9 days until due date.
Still no baby.


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