Thursday, December 11, 2003

I'm in "sick denial". My limbs were waging war with my mind when it came time to get out of bed this morning. (Something along the lines of "heck no, we won't go.") My eyeballs feel gummy, and all I really want to do is sleep... forever.

However, thanks to my Horrible Home Remedy, I can at least breathe through my nose. Yesterday my sinuses (sinai, if you will) were working overtime, and my nose was all stuffy. Now understand this is one of the hardest things to convince yourself to do... it is a complete mind over matter game. Or would that be matter over mind? Mind over mind?

Anyway, the big secret is this. Stuffy nose? When in the shower, get a little handful of water. Then convince yourself to sniff the water. Anyone who ever went swimming as a child knows the extreme discomfort this action causes... but I'm telling you... by the time you get out of the shower, those air passages will be open. I recommend doing one nostril at a time, and sometimes repeating the process is necessary if there is a lot of blockage.

I learned this from a registered nurse... and I even found it referenced here under "Instant Relief".

Happy Birthday to Jusup (one of Manda's best friends)!!

This is a Nasa satelite photo of the damage path of a tornado in Maryland. And a very cool picture of lightning striking a tree.


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