Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Jesse!! You're a total rockstar.

Well, the one-way tally for this trip was 1012 miles from my house to my sister's... but that does also include all the driving around that Nate and I did this morning trying to find a nonexistent Denny's. The trip was good. Not even a patch of ice to be seen. Hello, global warming? I didn't even need a coat today.

Because I took a different route, I saw for the first time this gigantic cross where 70 and 57 meet. According to that website, it is 198 feet tall. It was unexpectedly breathtaking.

My nephew is a doll.

I miss my wireless cable connection already.

Thanks so much for the birthday and Christmas greetings. I'll hit you all back before the 25th, I promise. Gotta go unpack the car now though.

Shaken Not Stirred
Heard about the California earthquake on the radio today. Hope everyone out there is doing well.

Quote for the Day:
I was sitting in the living room watching television and eatting popcorn with my dad when a Jenny Craig ad came on with all these ladies saying how much weight they have lost with Jenny Craig, when my dad says:
"I gained twenty pounds with Orville Redenbacher."


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