Sunday, December 21, 2003

Happy Birthday to Phebe!!

More Birthday Celebration
Last night I finally got done at the office and still had to go to FedEx. So when I was finished with that, I called Phebe to see if she had eaten already. (It was 7:15.) She agreed to meet me at J Alexanders. She bought dinner for my birthday, so I bought her a movie ticket for hers. We ended up seeing Mona Lisa Smile. (Yeah, and whoever said that wasn't a chick flick was oh so wrong.) It was decent, and I was thrilled to see a little cameo by Tori Amos as one of the wedding singers.

Go Preds! Had great seats even though we were surrounded by Detroit fans.

Dear Libelous Musicians:
If you are going to give interviews while you are in Europe stating that the president of your record label is a rapist and a thief,
(a) make sure they are not going to publish it online,
(b) make sure I don't happen to come across the article,
(c) make sure that president is not one of my favourite former clients, and
(d) make sure that I am not tight with that president's present attorney.

Jerkfaces. Yeah, that means you. And they thought they weren't getting any tour support before.

So yeah, I met up with Ted the other day. He hooked me up with the Telecast album and the new TFK. Not having been much of a Thousand Foot Krutch fan in the past, I'll try to give it a fair chance. (Breaking my boycott of bands with numbers in their names.) From the little bit I listened to on the website, it sounds a little Linkin Park-ish... which doesn't necessarily win them points, but I'll give it a try tomorrow.

I am My Father's Daughter
I am so excited to drive tomorrow. Some people don't understand how I can look forward to 14 hours in the car. But a decent roadtrip is theraputic, if you ask me. As long as you're able to avoid getting sleepy, man, a good long drive is the greatest. But I like being alone. My dad likes to drive too. (He had a brief career as a truck driver when he was out of high school... and then, of course, there were the Race Car Driver years. I always say that is where my lead foot comes from.)

Now I must pack. Leaving at first light tomorrow. The goal is to be in Des Moines by dinner time. Crash at Nate's. And be home by afternoon on Monday. Whee!

Email and posting here could be sporadic for the next two weeks. (I have a nephew to bond with, you know.) My cellphone loses service about 45 miles from home, but I'll put my parents' number on there in the event of anyone feeling desperate to contact me.


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