Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Happy Birthday Hans & Jack!! Miss you both.

Dead Willy
Anybody who, like me, never took the time to reset your browser default homepage may have noticed this news headline: 'Free Willy' Whale Buried in Norway. Am I the only one who feels a little weird about that? I mean, it is one thing to bury your goldfish, if you choose to not give it "burial at toilet". Burying your dog, cat, hamster, ferret, parrot... that I can even understand. But Keiko was a six-ton sea creature.

I think this raises a very important question. Are dinosaur fossils just the discovered remains of caveman's pets? I'm on to something here.

I also think this is as good a time as any to bring back the link to The Exploding Whale. And here is a link that works for the quicktime movie of the newscast.

In Other News
For those of you interested in driving from Spain to Morocco, you'll be pleased to hear that plans are underway to build a tunnel between the two.

And because I know everyone was concerned about updates, the Australian pilot managed to get off Antarctica.

Last Train to Clarksville
Once again, Vickie was right on with her Survivor predictions. My household was pleased with the end -- and always a pleasure to see Skinny Ryan back. Tina suggested that I need to stalk him. Clarksville really is only like an hour away. I hear the produce is better up in Clarksville. Right -- if only I had that much spare time.

I got a teeny-tiny bit of Peppermint Stick icecream dripped on my mouse button of my laptop last night. Now it's a little crusty. Just felt the need to share.

Subliminal Thoughts
I Say... You Think...
1. Warning::
2. Aspirations:: Goals
3. Starvation:: Lost Boys
4. Lid:: Cap
5. Sketch:: ers
6. Interrogate:: Question
7. Credit:: Card
8. Scotch:: Guard
9. Confused:: Perplexed
10. Paris:: Hilton -- I tried to think of something else, but that was honestly the first thing that came to mind.

Song for the Day:
Ain't No Sunshine
- Eva Cassidy
Phebe & Bryan were working on that song the last couple nights, so it's in my head. Gotta go with the Eva version for T. :) It's going to be an Eva afternoon.


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