Friday, December 12, 2003

Don't Build Your House on the Sandy Land
After little Audrey's dance recital last night, I got home just in time to see the ceremony of Ryan & Trista. I also witnessed one of the stupidest wedding moments in my life -- the layering of the multicolored sand. I thought the Browning poem was flirting with cheese, but the sand was too much for me.

How Cold
I've been reading up on the story of the Australian adventurer who is, essentially, stranded on Antarctica. It is my understanding that he intended to fly from New Zealand, over the South Pole, and land somewhere in Argentina. However, stormy weather caused him to use more fuel than anticipated, and he was forced to land at a US-NZ air force base without enough fuel to continue on nor to turn back. Apparently the NZ and US officials are refusing to sell him the fuel he needs to leave according to a policy they have to discourage tourists. Sort of makes us out to be the bad guys... even though this article mentions that the nearby Italian base is not helping either. You can read an interview with the pilot here. Poor guy.

Skin = Sponge
My Indiana girls might be interested to know that this week I became a wholesale buyer of Arbonne. I just love their products and figure signing up would be worth the 35% discount I would get. They don't use any mineral oil in their products, because our skin acts as a sponge and absorbs all the yucky chemicals in a lot of today's beauty products. I can't wait to get my order!

Along the same lines, I was just reading that they are developing a spray-on birth control.

Oops noted some of the movie blunders in The Fellowship of the Ring and in The Two Towers. Peter Jackson had the chance to retort in this Newsweek article.

Don't miss the Rocky Top Brigade Volunteer Tailgate Party over at Tommy's this week. It's nice that someone is focusing on the true meaning of Festivus.


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